Monday, February 21, 2011

life goes on and on... what if it doesn't?

It's a new week and I did plan to have a new beginning, before I received two bad news in the morning.

The 1st one is actually not THAT bad: I got an email from boss saying that they have a drop in orders and they cannot provide working hours for me at the moment, adding that we should keep contact by telephone in the coming two weeks to see how thing goes. That's everything he wrote, two sentences in German. It's not a lay off, not an apology, he's not even making it straight that I shouldn't go to work tomorrow. I am not sure that if this is their way of handling things or it is just something very understandable for educated person.

I am not very upset by it, after all it is not the best job in town but it makes me realise over and over again that being the bottom part of the structure sucks wherever you are. They reduce your working hours by half or completely whenever they want, but still keeping your 15-hours-a-week contract so that they can have stable manpower (again) whenever they want. Knowing the fact that one can actually work 15 hours in a single day in Hong Kong is nothing more than feeling funny or irony.

Anyway with crisis, opportunities might come as well, I am looking for new projects and organization to commit to.

The 2nd news is indeed really bad. Someone I know in person has a cancer relapse.

In face of death or prolonged torture and pain, he writes:

There are so many beautiful things on earth, let me have one more day to live it.

Let's not forget what make us human and the pretty things that make our life livable. Take care.


Anonymous said...

I am here praying for you and your friend. Take care.

isa said...

thanks. Please pray for world as well.