Tuesday, February 15, 2011

so far so good

I love cinemas. And what's happening is just too good to be true. Being able to watch world premiere films is awfully awesome --- no prejudice, no over-marketing, it's almost purely yours. Except the competition films, all directors from other sessions came and talked about their films; seeing these people working so hard is SO motivating to me.

Berlinale has gone halfway and there are still so many treasures awaiting to be explored. Gonna have a tough time scheduling my timetable this week as things have to get back on track again, but it's just 5 more days, let's see how it goes.

What I've been seeing so far--
14 Feb HERE (2010)* panorama
14 Feb PINA (2011) out of competition
13 Feb Vampire (2011)* panorama
13 Feb Gianni e le donne (The salt of life) (2011)* berlinale special
12 Feb Traumfabrik Kabul (Kabul Dream Factory) (2011)* forum
12 Feb Swans (2011)* forum
12 Feb El Premio (The Prize) (2011) competition
11 Feb Unjust, The (Boo dang geo rae) (2010)* panorama
11 Feb Qualunquemente (2011)* panorama
11 Feb Barzakh (2011)* panorama
11 Feb True Grit (2010) out of competition
* with Q & A session after screening

Even better things are yet to come, a ticket for the 4K digital remastered version of TAXI DRIVER, which will be shown in a theater with a gigantic screen. Completely sold out.


Alex said...

I really wanna be there, enjoy the film festival you know... I think it is enjoyable!!!!

shirley said...

OMG!!! wunderbar!!! watch more and more and more!!!

isa said...

>Alex: I KNOW!! It's movie fans' dream. This day will come to you too!