Friday, March 25, 2011

in Bonn

I am in Bonn at the moment, and feeling good.

Mostly because I had a nice evening talking to an old friend, with some white wine and some Mogwai. It's my first time listening to Mogwai and it reminds me so much of World's End Girlfriend.

I'm taking a break from the hectic Berlin (ja, now it's too much and gets on my nerves) with good excuses. This time a more well-planned trip. A small and slow one, and I'm finally moving on my own again, which is part of the good feeling too. The feeling of being in a place you once very familiar with is, special. Things didn't seem to change a bit here. Yesterday I took a walk and crossed a nearby bridge after the sky was completely dark. It's a way to my favourite cinema in this small, quiet city (they called it a city, but at most it's just a town, for me it's a village). I found out that, the same construction site is still there, I wonder, if they've just abandoned it for a total 3 years. I took a look at the map, tracing back my memories through those familiar names of bus stop or U-bahn stations. And I was right. Everything is still there. A small place with a screening room and a stage, together with a bar playing chill music. A staff was there telling every guest that a dance performance was cancelled. Something was cancelled this evening.

Couple of years ago, I was very upset with myself. I was telling people and myself that, I just want to do things right but I failed. Everything I did, attempted or tried, doesn't work (well). With time, I realize that it's not me who did something wrong, it's just not everything is the right thing for me to do.

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佡檒 said...

World's End Girlfriend ist ganz toll!!!
Birthday Resistance!!!!